Object model of language=Sesh3

January 19, 2010

“a text can be understood as a collection of objects related to one another.”
^^Explain meaning and how this might also describe an xHTML doc.

Well here’s the thing: Language itself is a collection of arbitrary objects. Each letter is made up of random dashes and lines that, when intentionally used together, create meaning. Those letters, when put together in different sequences make words that, again, create meaning. This picture gets even better when you take those words and put them into their own sequences to, again create meaning. I’m seeing a pattern here. Paragraphs use sentences and texts use paragraphs and so on.

So if we were to use this theory that language is just a giant bundle of objects that somehow make sense to us and apply that to, say a text, which is a group of paragraphs, we get an interesting revelation. What if we were to keep the level of objects grouped together at the paragraph level and mix and match them together to create meaning?

This is a huge thought. If we were to do this on the web as opposed to conventional linear-read text that is given in a book, we get an interactive, TRANSFORMING text that can change based on what the user needs. This interactivity would revolutionize the way we see writing and communication. Crazy


Hello world!

January 19, 2010

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